mightymandel v16

GPU-based Mandelbrot set explorer



Good OpenGL support (4.1+ required, 3.3 works but misses deep zooming).


  • gcc
  • make
  • bash
  • sed


  • rt
  • gl
  • glew
  • glfw3
  • mpfr

On Debian Jessie, this suffices to install everything you need to compile:

sudo aptitude install \
    build-essential \
    libglew-dev \
    libglfw3-dev \
    libmpfr-dev \


You can compile it:

make -C src clean
make -C src

You can compile without debugging information (slightly smaller, maybe faster):

make -C src clean
make -C src DEBUG=-s

If you have multiple cores you can speed up compilation by using -jN where N is slightly larger than your core count (eg: make -C src -j3).

If you have problems compiling (usually because dependencies are not available in your distribution and you compiled them from source), try setting the make flag EXTRA_COMPILE_FLAGS to add the correct include directories.

If make fails at LINK time (often occurs with static libglfw3.a), try setting the make flag EXTRA_LINK_FLAGS to add any required libraries, for example:

make -C src EXTRA_LINK_FLAGS="-lglfw3"

Development Versions

mightymandel is developed in a git repository on https://gitorious.org, which you can download like this:

git clone https://gitorious.org/maximus/mightymandel.git

You can browse the repository here:

Stable releases are tagged:

git tag -ln | sort -V

You can see the message from the latest tagged version:

git tag -ln999 $(git tag -l | sort -V | tail -n 1)

You can see commits since the lastest tagged version:

git log --oneline $(git tag -l | sort -V | tail -n 1)..