mightymandel v16

GPU-based Mandelbrot set explorer

Result Format

Files should be named by version. CSV (comma separated values) with a two line header prefixed with #. The first line contains version and date details. The second line contains the field specification. Example header:

# mightymandel v14-123-g8f76147 test suite at 2014-12-30T18:36:53+0000
# filename,result,method,iterations,exterior,interior,glitched,passes

Example data line:


Descriptions of the fields:

  • Parameter file. The basename of the parameter file (without directory, but with extension).
  • Result. The overall rendering result. Should be one of:

    • ok The rendering completed and the image is fine.
    • timeout Rendering didn't complete within the time limit.
    • glitch The image has an unacceptably high proportion of detected glitches.
    • parse The parameter file failed to parse.
    • deep The view is too deep for mightymandel to handle.
    • crash mightymandel crashed (or otherwise exited unexpectedly).
    • corrupt The image is bad: undetected glitches, wrong appearance, other. Usually no way of knowing without manual inspection of images.
    • excluded The test was not run (perhaps a known failure and wanting to save time).
  • Method. The rendering method used. Should be one of:

    • fp32 Plain single precision floating point.
    • fp64 Plain double precision floating point.
    • fpxx Perturbed double precision floating point.
  • Iterations. Maximum iteration count of any escaped pixel.

    • This has changed, it used to be: The total average iterations per pixel (final result, not recomputed glitches).
  • Exterior. The percentage of exterior pixels.
  • Interior. The percentage of interior pixels.
  • Glitched. The percentage of glitched pixels (fpxx only).
  • Passes. The number of glitch correction passes (fpxx only).

Any unknown field should be left blank.

The file (apart from the header lines) should be sorted in case-insentive alphabetical order.