mightymandel v16

GPU-based Mandelbrot set explorer

fpxx_approx.c File Reference


#include <math.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "fpxx_approx.h"
#include "shader.h"
#include "logging.h"
#include "utility.h"
#include "mightymandel.h"
#include "texture.h"
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#define VARS   c.x, c.y, c2.x, c2.y, c3.x, c3.y, z.x, z.y, dz.x, dz.y, t.x, t.y, t0, t1, t2, t3


void fpxx_approx_begin (struct fpxx_approx *s)
void fpxx_approx_end (struct fpxx_approx *s)
void fpxx_approx_do (struct fpxx_approx *s, GLuint *active_count, GLuint *vbo, GLuint query, mpfr_t zx, mpfr_t zy, mpfr_t dzx, mpfr_t dzy, int pass, const mpfr_t radius, const mpfr_t refx, const mpfr_t refy, bool series_approx, bool initial_slice, void *abort_data, abort_t abort_fn)


const char * fpxx_approx_vert
const GLchar * fpxx_approx_varyings [] = {"cne", "zdz", "err"}

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#define VARS   c.x, c.y, c2.x, c2.y, c3.x, c3.y, z.x, z.y, dz.x, dz.y, t.x, t.y, t0, t1, t2, t3

Function Documentation

void fpxx_approx_begin ( struct fpxx_approx s)

Definition at line 20 of file fpxx_approx.c.

References fpxx_approx::a, fpxx_approx::a2, fpxx_approx::b, fpxx_approx::b2, fpxx_approx::c, fpxx_approx::c0, fpxx_approx::c2, compile_program_tf(), D, fpxx_approx::delta4, fpxx_approx_varyings, fpxx_approx_vert, fpxx_approx::iters, fpxx_approx::p, fpxx_approx::program, fpxx_approx::t1, fpxx_approx::t2, fpxx_approx::t3, fpxx_approx::t4, fpxx_approx::t5, fpxx_approx::t6, fpxx_approx::u, fpxx_approx::u2, fpxx_approx::v, fpxx_approx::v2, fpxx_approx::vao, fpxx_approx::w, fpxx_approx::w2, C::x, C::y, fpxx_approx::z, and fpxx_approx::z2.

Referenced by render_begin().

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void fpxx_approx_do ( struct fpxx_approx s,
GLuint *  active_count,
GLuint *  vbo,
GLuint  query,
mpfr_t  zx,
mpfr_t  zy,
mpfr_t  dzx,
mpfr_t  dzy,
int  pass,
const mpfr_t  radius,
const mpfr_t  refx,
const mpfr_t  refy,
bool  series_approx,
bool  initial_slice,
void *  abort_data,
abort_t  abort_fn 
void fpxx_approx_end ( struct fpxx_approx s)

Variable Documentation

const GLchar* fpxx_approx_varyings[] = {"cne", "zdz", "err"}

Definition at line 18 of file fpxx_approx.c.

Referenced by fpxx_approx_begin().

const char* fpxx_approx_vert

Referenced by fpxx_approx_begin().